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  1. RIP Samuel Marco
    03 Jun, 2018
    RIP Samuel Marco
    A Legend, Samuel Marco who recently passed on, has been given a civic laying out ceremony at the Miatta Conference Hall, Brookfields. The ceremony was graced by distinguished personalities from all works of life, to pay last respect to the mortal remains of an Artist, Samuel Samieh Marco, who died on the 28th April at Age 61. ​
  2. Africans Rising Sierra Leone Chapter against corruption
    03 Jun, 2018
    Africans Rising Sierra Leone Chapter against corruption
    Africans Rising Sierra Leone Chapter has observed African Liberation day on the theme: “Winning the fight against Corruption, a sustainable path to African’s Transformation” at the National Stadium Car Park. African Liberation Day is to commemorate the formation of the Organization of African Unity which was later replaced with the African Union.
  3. Tony Blair visits Sierra Leone again
    03 Jun, 2018
    Tony Blair visits Sierra Leone again
    Meanwhile, the former British Prime Minister Tony Blair has commended President Bio for initial steps taken to move Sierra Leone forward after his victory in April. ​ Mr. Blair made this statement at State House during a courtesy call on the President.

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